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Tontec 3.2 inch resistive touch screen module is designed especially for raspberry pi b+.

-Support raspberry pi model B+,easy to use
-just plug and runs Raspbian system
-Built-in soft keyboard, no extra mouse and keyboard is needed
-Support MP4 play,Pi-camera,17 shooting modes
-LCD Display transmits data through SPI
-Touch panel transmits data through SPI
-No external power supply needed

Package include
1* Tontec 3.2 inch Touch Screen
1* Raspberry Pi B+ Case
1* Stylus
1* Raspberry Pi Heatsinks – set of 3

User guide:

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Tontec Transparent Clear Acrylic Raspberry Pi B+ Case Box Enclosure
Driver board interfaces:
1.Power Supply(5~12V 2A) 2.HDMI 3.VGA Connector 4.AVI 5.AV1+AV2 6.Keyboard 7.TTL Signal 50Pin 8.LVDS Signal 1/2 ch 6bit 8bit 9.12V Backlight 10.Inverter Connector

This controller board support Automatically Switch to AV2(Reversing View camera). Please connected ACC to 12V.

Package content:
1* HDMI+VGA+2AV Controller Board VS-TY2662-V1 (Support Automatically switch to AV2)
1* 7inch 800*480 Lcd Panel AT070TN90
1* 5-button switch and adjustment panel
1* 7 inch Touch Screen Kit
NOTE1:If you don’t know how to connect the Screen,please feel free to contact us
NOTE2:Power Supply is NOT included>
If you want to conect this screen to your Raspberry Pi,you need a AV Cable or a HDMI Cable,or if you have a HDMI TO VGA CABLE For Raspberry pi,you can use a VGA Cable to connect your Raspberry pi to this Screen.
NOTE3:There is a sticker on the LCD screen. Please peel off before use.

User Manual:


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Tontec Professional Transparent Cutaway Padlock Practice Lock With Locksmith Tools for Lock Pick Training Trainer Practice

Product Description:

It’s hefty and solidly built.The see-through lockpad makes it possible to get a good clear look at pins and springs system.It’s easy to use for most of lock pick trainers,but for beginners this is exactly the perfect place to start.

Package including:

11(or17)*unlocking lock pick set

The guidance including:

Part 1 – How a pin tumbler lock works

Part 2 – Picking techniques

Part 3 – FASQ (Frequently asked stupid questions)

User Manual: