2 Pack Combination Lock Tontec® 4 Digit Padlock for Luggage Locks,School Gym Locker,Filing Cabinets,Toolbox,Case(Black)


Sturdy Construction: better keep your own belongings. Good Security:4 digit combination lock.Safe enough for light duty use. Keyless lock:convenient to use. Wide Range of Application:suitable for luggage,gym locker,filing cabinet,toolbox. Compact Size:2 pack wrapped up.Easy to carry.



Product Description

Tontec® Combination Lock consists of durable material-zinc alloy and plated steel.Sturdy and safe enough for light duty use such as luggage,gym locker,toolbox,filing cabinet,case lock and ect.Hard to break the code from 10000 combination codes.Best choice for you.


Component materials:zinc alloy&plated steel
Purpose:use for school gym locker,luggage locks,filing cabinets,toolbox, case and etc.

How to set your combination code:

1.Hold the combination lock in which way numbers show on the right.Make sure the code is set to default(0-0-0-0).Pull up the shackle and rotate it until it points towards you.
2.Push the shackle down until the tiny pin is fully inside the gap.Hold it there and rotate the shackle anticlockwise,so it stays down without being pushed manually.
3.Rotate back the shackle the same way until it pops up.Remember to check if numbers are line up before locking.


2*Tontec® Combination Lock


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