Apple Watch Stand [2 in 1 Upgraded Version] Tontec® Aluminum Cellphone Charging Dock Station Mount Cradle Platform for 38 42 mm iWatch Basic Sport Edition Model and iPhone 6S 6


For Apple Watch and iPhone: Upgraded design for iPhone and iWatch makes it possible to charge both iphone and iwatch simultaneously. Durable Construction & Dust Resistance: Aluminum alloy made construction ensure years of durability and dust resistance. Anti-scratch:There are two soft foams covered on phone holder beside which is a rubber-made stand for iwatch.Prevent from scratching. Stability:Angled 45°and rubber-covered stand provide a stable comfortable view without worry while charging out of sight. Stress-free cable:A hole is degined exactly to be passed through without cable being overly bending while charging your iphone.

Product Description


Tontec® Aluminum Made Cellphone Charging Dock Station is suitable for all sizes and models of the new 2015 Apple Watch and iPhone,compatible with iPhone 4/5/5S/6/6S, iWatch BASIC/SPORT/EDITION Model.Durable construction and ingenious design make it possible to charge both iphone and iwatch simultaneously and stably.Perfect choice for charging your iphone and iwatch.


1*Tontec® Aluminum Made Cellphone Charging Dock Station

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