PS4 Cooling Stand with 4 Charging Docks Tontec® PlayStation 4 Charging Station Accessories DualShock 4 Controller Charger, 2 USB Charging Ports, 4 USB Hub


Super Cooling System:2 built-in fans designed.Perfectly disperse heat and improve the lifespan of your console.Enhance the fun of gaming experience. 4-in-1 Charging Station & Storage Dock:There are four controller charging ports with two on each side of your console.Just lock your controller into place via micro USB connection.You will never misplace your controllers and neglect to charge them with it. 4 Port USB Hub:The USB hub has four ports located conveniently on the front of the stand.It requires two ports to power all the functions of the stand.More convenient to plug in extra devices from keyboards to headsets for online gaming which makes a huge difference. Vertical Stand: It allows you to keep your PS4 stored vertically which can be convenient for certain setups to reduce the amount of horizontal space your system takes up.It fits perfectly and stably in the designated slot while installing your PS4. Search ASIN B01ABU0G8O to order an 1000mAh external battery for your PS4 controller.


Product Description

Tontec® Vertical Stand with Cooling Fan Cooler Controller Charger is a multi-use device.It has two built-in fans,four USB ports,and four controller ports.Excellent cooling system and multifunction do make a huge difference when you are enjoying the fun of gaming experience.Worthy of picking up.


Product Dimension:34*18.8*3cm 13.39*7.4*1.18”
Product Weight:462g 1.02lb

Package Content:

1*Tontec® Vertical Stand with Cooling Fan Cooler Controller Charger

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