Tontec® 1000mAh PS4 Controller Battery Replacement Built-in Rechargeable Power Bank Pack Adapter Charger Charging Station for DualShock 4 Controllers PlayStation 4 Gamepad


Large Power Capacity & Quick Charging Speed:It's an amazing power supply of 1000 mah power bank and charges at full speed which leads to dramatic time saving for a game addict. Rechargeable Built-in Battery:It's a life saver for PS4 gamepad.Just plug it in and the gamepad can be used while charging itself.No need for waiting hours. Durable & Fit Well: It locks securely to stay exactly balanced with gamepad without moving around when playing games. Ergonomic Design: It is appealing on the outside but effective on the inside that blends in with the appeal of PS4 controller. Easy to Use: It is easy to be attached and detached.


Product Description

Tontec® PS4 Power Bank Adapter is an excellent backup battery solution for gamepad.With fast charging speed and large power capacity,you no longer need to worry about the battery remaining of your gamepad.It’s designed to work hassle-free.Just plug it in and gamepad can be used while charging itself.Real charging and playing at the same time!

How to use:

1.Press the unlocking button and pull the hanging arm of power bank.
2.Put the power bank into PS4 controller via plugging in the Micro USB jack.
3.Push the hanging arm back until it’s locked properly.


1*Tontec® PS4 Power Bank Adapter
1*Charging Cable

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