Tontec influencer

About Tontec product influence project

Tontec product influence project is a long-term great project designed for contacting with Tontec fans, tech geeks, product specialists, active members in various communities, any others as long as they have the spirit of sharing their knowledge/experience, and helping us make progress by providing valuable feedback and insightful suggestions. For us, Product influence project users are the no.1 priority and we also make many benefits for them.

How can you get into the Tontec to be a influence membership

  • Applicants must come from one of the following countries: The United States/Canada/Britain/ Germany/Japan
  • You have the experience of influencing online products, especially products on Amazon.

If you meet at least one of the following requirements you will be given priority:

  • Active online presence on tech/deal/other famous platforms, such as major tech websites, blogs, forums ( with quality posts/threads)
  • Own personal Facebook/Twitter/Youtube or other social network, and love to actively post about your own tech style.
  • Have the spirit of sharing and helping, and be willing to share your experience or insightful opinions regarding to Mpow products on above sites or platforms.

Please provide the valid links and nickname to your amazon account, YouTube, forum or other sites for evaluation.

What are the responsibilities of Tontec product influence project members?

–Tontec product influence project members are expected to test and provide constructive feedback and insightful experience within three weeks of receiving the products. (Delayed feedback may impact eligibility to apply for future Tontec products)

–Tontec product influence project members are also expected to share their experience/knowledges/influence/ about Tontec products on Amazon, blogs, forums or other sites.

How to be a Tontec product influence project members?


  • If you are confident in being partner with Tontec, welcome to apply for qualification. Maybe You will get our products for free .
  • Tontec maintains full rights to judge and determine an applicant’s acceptance into the Tontec Product influence project Program.
  • Tontec reserves the right to collect photos and posts from Tontec Product influence project members, and reposts these items on our Facebook Homepage or our website.